eBay Excitement

Fifty Great British Pounds seems like a lot to spend on a little over 130mm of plastic in these times of economic turmoil. But this Luke Hayseed action figure from the BBC adaptation of the Hayseed Chronicles is worth every penny.

Luke Hayseed Action Figure 1

Once Hayseed hysteria hit America, The Carter Press was inundated with requests from Hollywood to option the series into a full scale motion picture. Despite the astronomical figures running across Graham Carter’s desk, it was Arthur Hayman’s widow, Martha, that had the final say on the matter and her mind was swayed by a hand written note from a Junior Script Editor at the BBC.

Luke Hayseed Action Figure 2

Jake Cotton (known to colleagues as “Joke Cotton” due his general ineptness) had languished in White City for longer than he cared to remember and saw The Hayseed Chronicles as a way to make a name for himself. Legend has it that he wrote to Martha directly, mentioning his interest in her PhD on the First Crusade in his covering letter. A lunch was organised, a contract signed and the rest is history.

Luke Hayseed Action Figure 3

The action figure is based on the likeness of Toby Luttrell, a regular in Grange Hill, a bit part player in Bugsy Malone, and the young British actor cast to play Luke Hayseed in the six-part BBC miniseries of The Hayseed Chronicles. The series was a huge success both sides of the Atlantic and my old VHS tapes are practically worn out from extensive watching. Does anybody know if the BBC are planning to reissue them on DVD?

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7 Responses to “eBay Excitement”

  1. Hey great someone finally got round to starting proper Hayseed blog! Thought about doing it myself so many times but Ive never had as much stuff to take pics of and put up as you! I had that action figure. Bet a boxed one with the Toppit dressinggown chord is worth loads. Thought you might be interested to see the only bit of Hayseed merch that survived my childhood. Its the board game. Let me know if you want me to email you a pic. Family used to play every Christmas for years, although wasnt the best thing that came out – weird ending. But it looked great and I was always really excited when we started like Id actually find out who mr Toppit was!

  2. Thanks JT!

    Yes, please send it over I would love to see it and put it up on the blog. Is it the Who Is Mr Toppit? Game?

    Get in touch, satchel.loner@googlemail.com.


  3. Its that game. Did you ever play it? Had some good stuff in it, extra things taken from the books but always ended really suddenly. Just like the books! Still good to play though. There was a Sega Master System game that was probably better, genuinely scary. They should do a new game for one of the big consoles now, would be frightening as anything else out there!

  4. great blog, I’m glad somebody started one!
    i like your display of the luke model, nice touch putting him on the books!
    Personally, i was a fan of the t-shirts – definitely my favourite piece of merch! i’ve still got a couple in my closet

  5. […] thanks to mynameisJT for sending over this picture of his Who Is Mr Toppit? boardgame. JT, did you sit down with your […]

  6. […] also included this wonderful Poloroid of Luke Hayman standing uncomfortably next to the actor Toby Luttrell, on set at the BBC. As a slight aside, I have just read about this very moment in Mr Toppit, and […]

  7. When I heard about this I couldn’t wait to see the photos of the action figure, it’s about time the Hayseed blog got some light. Now if I can figure out Who Mr Toppis is?

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