Who Is Mr Toppit?

Who is Mr Toppit?

Many thanks to mynameisJT for sending over this picture of his Who Is Mr Toppit? boardgame. JT, did you sit down with your family and play it again this year?

Does anyone else have any pictures and stories they would like to share?

Get in touch at satchel.loner@googlemail.com

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5 Responses to “Who Is Mr Toppit?”

  1. mynameisJT Says:

    We absolutely did sit down and play it this year! In fact, we finally got to the end and found out who Mr Toppit is: its…. No, only kidding of course! The game got interrupted by my 2 year-old nephew asking what it was and who it was about, etc. Took so long explaining all about Toppit and Hayseed that we gave up playing it. His dad tthinks he might read them to him but I think hes a bit youhng!

  2. Hi – mI have just stumbled across this blog, looking for more detail about a forthcoming book of this title – what can you tell me? Is this game a promotional spin-off? Cheers; Steve.

  3. Thanks for getting in touch. The Who is Mr Toppit? board game (kindly sent in by mynameisJT) is a wonderful little piece of ephemera produced in the early 1980s during the boom years of The Hayseed Chronicles.

    I am unaware of any forthcoming books of the same name, but I’m intrigued. I will investigate. Sometimes I’m so involved in the past that the present just passes me by.

    Best, Doug

  4. […] to Steve’s comments earlier today it has come to my attention that Penguin Books are planning to publish Mr […]

  5. mynameisJT Says:

    I cant belive you don’t remember it! although it wasnt the best game in the world, to be fair!

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