Love Travels at Illegal Speeds


The excellently monikered Larches Lento from Urbana, Illinois sent in this racy clipping from an American Supermarket glossy. The piece (click on the picture to enlarge to read) details with some journalistic license, one of the many instances enfant terrible Rachel Hayman managed to besmirch her family’s good name during her stay in L.A.


The death of Rachel’s “drug crazed lover” is treated with typical tabloid sensitivity, while the recap of the Laurie Clow allegations border on the preposterous. Still, a fascinating historical document.

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2 Responses to “Love Travels at Illegal Speeds”

  1. I absolutely remember this incident. it definitely got reported in some of the British press as well, the Sun, Mirror, rather than broadsheets. Was The people around at that time? Think my parents were subscribers! Rachel hayman really seemed to suffer from the whole Hayseed fame. Like the original Britney, Amy Winehouse, etc.

  2. StevieGisinnocent Says:

    Rachel Hayman was fit!

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