Mr Toppit Zerstört Mein Leben

I am currently working my way through the many emails and responses I have received and I will endeavour to get them all up on the blog soon.


I start with this haunting vignette, included in full below, from someone who wishes to remain anonymous…  

On the way back from Frankfurt this year I decided to spend some time in East Berlin. After taking brunch in the Berlin fashion I took the advice of one my colleagues and strolled up to Prenzlauer Berg to visit Flohmarkt am Mauerpark.

For the uninitiated, it’s an intense experience as thousands of people search and shovel though millions of items and curiosities from cracked crockery to antique art. Weaving through this labyrinth of hawkers I came across a forlorn looking man crouched at the back of his stall enshrouded, despite the heat, in a large woollen jumper.

The Hayseed Chronicles Annual

His ruddy stand presented little of interest at a glance, but on closer inspection I saw the very tip of the 1985 Hayseed Chronicles Annual sticking out from under a stack of aging German comics. I quickly rescued it from the pile and rummaged through the rest of the stall looking for more.

The Hayseed Chronicles Plate

My efforts were rewarded and I discovered a rather dirty Luke Hayseed dinner plate (which after a comprehensive clean, looks in rather good condition).

When I asked the man for a price for the deuce, he stirred from the folds of his jumper and muttered something I couldn’t catch. When I asked again, he jumped up from his position and started shouting ‘Mr Toppit zerstört mein leben’ with a wild look in his eyes and spittle from his cries catching in his rough beard. I quickly pulled Five Euros from my wallet, grabbed the items and left the strange, haunted man shouting at his stall. Mr Toppit zerstört mein leben…Mr Toppit ruined my life…

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One Response to “Mr Toppit Zerstört Mein Leben”

  1. This is amazing! ialmost don’t believe it’s true…but it’s a bit far-fetched to be made up! The annual is wonderful; the Carter Press really pioneered this type of branding.

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