Mr Toppit

Mr Toppit

Thanks to Steve’s comments earlier today it has come to my attention that Penguin Books are planning to publish Mr Toppit, a novelisation of Hayseed phenomenon, in February of this year. After also receiving the following email from a fellow Hayseed fan, I decided to look into this a bit further.
I am awaiting with some trepidation Penguin’s publication of Mr Toppit which purports to tell the story of the creation of the Hayseed Chronicles and the aftermath of Arthur Hayman’s death. The author is apparently some TV producer called Charles Elton who works for ITV. Not a good sign. He has produced TV versions of classic children’s’ books like The Railway Children. How could anyone remake the classic film? This doesn’t bode well.
The National and Local press are a little more optimistic than our friend here, with the Observer,  Daily Express , and thelondonpaper, claiming it to be a potential highlight of the literary year.
To rectify my ignorance, I telephoned the Penguin Press Office, and spoke to reasonably helpful gentleman called Joe. Even after outlining my credentials and expertise on the subject he seemed slightly apprehensive to divulge too much, but he did agree to send me an advanced reading copy to review on the blog. I will keep you posted.

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5 Responses to “Mr Toppit”

  1. Wow, what about this, then? Can’t believe it! Not at all sur ehow I feel about a ‘novelisation’ but I’m intrigued. Let us know what you make of it when you’ve read it.

  2. Paolorocks Says:

    No! How can they do this to Toppit!

  3. Smedley Soft Says:

    I’d heard about this and wondered what it was all about. Now we know! Looking at the links to the papers you’ve posted, Doug, they seem to think it’s pretty good but let’s wait and see what you think of it, I reckon.

  4. ginger franks Says:

    oh wow, just saw a write up in latest issue of Vogue, the fashionistas are saying Mr.Toppit is already being pitted as a contender for this years booker prize no less! would be super interested to hear your thoughts…

  5. […] …complete with a message from the helpful gentleman in publicity… […]

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