And out of the Darkwood Mr Toppit Comes

This package from Penguin arrived today…

Package from Penguin

…complete with a message from the helpful gentleman in publicity

Message from Joe

…and a copy of Mr Toppit by Charles Elton.

Mr Toppit - Front Cover

They have reproduced the image from the boxset on the inside;  how did they managed to clear this with the Hayman Estate?!

Mr Toppit - Inside Front Cover

I wonder what Arthur would make of all this? I will get reading at once.

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12 Responses to “And out of the Darkwood Mr Toppit Comes”

  1. MynameisJT Says:

    Think the book looks cool, have to say, but weird they’ve gone with the boxsset cover on the inside. Kind of a double cover, so maybe it could work. Get on with reading it Doug, so we know what you think!

  2. Smedley Soft Says:

    I think it looks promising but I just can’t see how it’s going to work. The Hayseed Chronicles are just too close to peoples’ hearts! Well, mine, anyway! It depends if this Charles Elton is as good a writer as Arthur Hayman…

  3. I think it’s very canny that the author’s called it Mr Toppit. It can’t help but intrigue Hayseed fans. Even if you didn’t know the books (how could you not!?), I think it could stand out. But anyway: I agree with MynameisJT, Doug: get on with reading it so you can put your thoughts on the BBH! 😉

  4. ginger franks Says:

    hey, do you know from your contact when Mr.Toppit is published, i would like a copy myself? Surely Charles Elton is not going to be the one who finally lays bare the whole Toppit myth…I mean, I’d be a a bit weary of that if I was him, not to be messed with the dark arts of Toppit

  5. Mr Toppit will be published on 5th February. My mother’s birthday.

  6. […] Surprise, fear, anger, intrigue, hunger. Upon reading it (I am now almost half way through the copy kindly sent to me – a full review will follow, but I must say I am rather enjoying it) I was deeply moved […]

  7. Not the best review for this in the Observer this weekend:

    But they mention your blog, Doug! How does it feel to be famous..?

  8. Doh! Just seen MynameisJT posted the Sunday Times one. I’ll leave you alone now…

  9. […] few weeks ago, in the run up to Penguin’s publication of Mr Toppit, I posited the question “what would Arthur make of all this?”. Now, as then, we will never know, but while the cruel scythe of Death silenced Arthur’s tongue […]

  10. Hy,

    Recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  11. Well! I just tried to access Penguin’s disclaimer at, but the page is not to be found.

    My. Most suspicious. You couldn’t make it up.

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