White Witch Scarier Than Mr Toppit?

Telegraph Article
Upon hearing of Penguin’s publication of Charles Elton’s Mr Toppit, I was struck by a gamut of emotions. Surprise, fear, anger, intrigue, hunger. Upon reading it (I am now almost half way through the copy kindly sent to me – a full review will follow, but I must say I am rather enjoying it) I was deeply moved to see the world of Arthur, his family and his creations brought vividly back to life.

Mr Elton might just succeed in doing today what Laurie Clow achieved all those years ago across the Atlantic: breathe fresh life into the dormant majesty of The Hayseed Chronicles.

The signs of success are already apparent. The Telegraph ran a story this weekend about the scariest villains from fiction past and present. The White Witch sealed the top spot, but the report claims that “Mr Toppit…originally in The Hayseed Chronicles…narrowly failed to make the top ten”.

In publicising Mr Toppit, Penguin cannot help but introduce a new legion of fans to The Hayseed Chronicles as more and more people will see the name of Arthur Hayman and his creations, back where they belong, amongst the well-kerned type of the forth estate.

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2 Responses to “White Witch Scarier Than Mr Toppit?”

  1. ginger franks Says:

    Good ole’ Penguin, big up the Chronicles!

  2. Of course the White Witch isn’t scarier! We ‘see’ her within the text, and she is defeated; we never see Mr Toppit, and he lives on. Therefore, he is much scarier.

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