The Times, Penguin Books and Mr Toppit

Mr ToppitThe Times, 5th February, 2009

A few weeks ago, in the run up to Penguin’s publication of Mr Toppit, I posited the question “what would Arthur make of all this?”. Now, as then, we will never know, but while the cruel scythe of Death silenced Arthur’s tongue all those years ago, his surviving family have risen from anonymity and found full voice in the form of a Public Announcement in today’s Times.

Having now finished reading Charles Elton’s Mr Toppit, I can certainly see why it has touched a nerve. Perhaps it is a little too close to the bone. It’s an extraordinary read, and yes, of course it exaggerates the truth a little, but in time I believe that the Haymans will come round to the fact that Charles and Penguin have done quite a service in preserving the Hayseed legacy.

Have you read it yet? What do you think?


2 Responses to “The Times, Penguin Books and Mr Toppit”

  1. Eric Foxford Says:

    If I was top man at Penquin Books, I would find it unbelievable but delighted that The Hayseed Foundation Trustee’s have paid for a full page ad in the Times disassociating themselves from the publishing of the book “Mr. Toppit”. The ad only serves to promote the book and has for me at least, whetted my appetite to read it. I would probably never have otherwise heard of it! Penquin Books must be running all the way to the bank. I would fire the trustee or trustees who came up with this crazy idea. What a waste of the trusts money. Shame!

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